The ‘SMART Institute’ is set up by practitioners and scholars in 2016. Dr. Richard J. Goscha, who is one of the founders of Strengths Model Case Management (SMCM), and Professor Samson Tse from Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong (HKU) are invited as advisors for the Institute.  It is an established unit in the Department of Social Work and Social Administration HKU with the support from three non-governmental organizations, namely Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service, Caritas Hong Kong and Tung Wah Group of Hospitals.


The ‘SMART Institute’ adopts the recovery-orientated approach to mental health services and promotes non-pathology focused interventions based upon the SMCM authored by Professor Charles A. Rapp and Dr. ‎Richard J. Goscha (The University of Kansas, USA). Adopting the multi-disciplinary and inclusive approach, The Institute seeks to examine the application of SMCM and facilitate the strengths-based practice in Hong Kong.


With an aim to enhance the evidence-based practice of SMCM, the Institute will emphasize on ART – Application, Research and Training – and organize a variety of events to promote sharing of practice wisdom.

Application – the Institute investigates how the SMCM can be applied cross-culturally in Hong Kong for individuals in recovery from mental health issues.

Research – Through rigorous research, the Institute studies the outcomes and process of the SMCM and relevant programs.

Training – the Institute provides specialized training for mental health professionals, para-professionals and peer support workers.


The California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions
Dr. Richard J. Goscha (Advisor)

Department of Social Work and Social Administration
The University of Hong Kong
Professor Samson Tse (Leader and Advisor)
Dr. Emily Tsoi (Research Associate)
Ms. Iris Lo (Secretary)

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
Ms. Eppie Wan (Chairperson)
Mr. Robert Lau
Mr. Jerry Wan

Caritas Hong Kong
Mr. Stephen Wong (Leader)
Mr. Kelvin Yuen
Ms. Sannie Li
Ms. Colin Su

Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service
Ms. Chan Sau Kam (Leader)
Ms. Iris Wong (Treasurer)
Ms. Siu Oi Ying
Ms. Jo Fung
Ms. Kimmy Wong